4ST – Smart Tester per Componenti Meccatronici

Some others characteristics:
- Working: the bench drives the DUT according to the test plan, decoding CAN information. It acquires the TPS signals, sensor supply voltage, motor current, and supply voltage. Also during testing all position and memory information from the CAN bus is stored.
- ERT: Emergency Return Time
- OLT: Open loop time
- Duty: Duty values at which the TB start and stops its movement
- Stroke: The TB is controlled in position, and the system checks if the position signal and other acquired parameters are out the range
- MEM: Smart actuator memory analysis
- CUR: Current consumption
- AT: Actuation time
- ERT: Emergency Return Time
- SL: Self learning

In post processing, each testers calculate the parameters required by each test and applies pass - fail criteria

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Stand alone Smart Testers for rapid characterization of a wide range of mechatronic components, such as actuators, valves, etc. Through these devices it is possible to carry out mechanical and electrical tests, with the possibility of checking the devices under test with various protocols.