The test bench allows to test powertrain components such as pump, injector, rail:

Some characteristics:
- Fuel: Gasoline, Diesel, Exxsol
- Automatic Safety managing (SIL 2)
- Control of the tested component (pump, injector)
- Automatic closed loop regulation of main parameter
- Maximum working pressure: up to 2000 bar
- Measurement: Pressure, Current, Voltage, Torque, Power (Mechanical, Electrical)
- Safety critical application (SIL2, ATEX)
- ECU cRIO-based with FPGA control algorithm
- Pump control
- Inj control
- Rail pressure control

- Camshaft and Crankshaft simulation (this allows to to use the bench with customer ECU)

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Thanks to these products it is possible to characterize, in the R&D field, all the components that make up an injection system, from the pump, passing through the rails and up to the injector. Having the ability to control all system components, even using the customer's drivers, mechanical, electrical and fluid dynamic tests can be carried out with a wide range of fluids. ATEX models available.