We are thrilled to announce an exciting development: the opening of EN4 Europe in Wroclaw, Poland 🇵🇱 A significant step that highlights our international growth and our commitment to innovation and excellence. EN4 Europe will be at the heart of our operations on the continent, driving expansion and enhancing our ability to serve and support clients across Europe with cutting-edge and customizable solutions. A new chapter that reflects our desire to stand by the businesses that rely on us and our team.

La partecipazione alle manifestazioni:Fiera “A&T Automation e Testing” svolta dal 23/02/2022 al 25/02/2022Fiera “Coiltech Italia 2022” svolta dal 28/09/2022 al 29/09/2022 sono state realizzate anche grazie al contributo di: POR-FESR 2014-2020 ASSE III – AZIONE 3.3.1 della Regione UmbriaAVVISO PUBBLICO PER PROGETTI

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