Advanced Testing Systems for the Aircrafts of Tomorrow

EN4 provides comprehensive Test Solutions for modern EVTOLs, both for individual components and for the entire aircraft under development.
EN4 systems can perform testing and validation of components such as Electric Motor, Inverter, Power, Distribution Unit, Battery & BMS, Actuator, Flight Control System, Battery Simulator Charger and goes up to complete test laboratories which integrate several virtual and physical test rigs in single turnkey solution.

Wide Range of Tests

Both for single components and test laboratories, EN4 expertise allows to perform a wide range of tests, including the most demanding about high voltage components: PERFORMANCE, ENDURANCE, ABUSE TESTING, GROUND PROFILE SOUND PROFILE, FAULT INJECTION.

Extreme Test Conditions

The eVTOLs are continuously evolving and using cutting edge technology. Thus, the test systems and test conditions are requested to be the at the very limit of the state-of-art, or higher than that.

That it is particularly true for the test of the high voltage and high current components where, above all for the fault injection and abuse test, a really strong expertise is needed.

EN4 can offer testing solution that cover the needed for the most disruptive technology on the market: 

– 1500 V – Voltage

– 1200 A – Current

– 12.000 A – Fault Injection Short Circuit

– 1000 A – Fault Injection Open Circuit


New Protocols


In the new frontier of aerospace, it is necessary to be prepared for new technologies and communication protocols as well. 

EN4 already has devices ready for ARINC 825-4 communication.

On the following link our solution for NI (4-LCR device)