Our services

Technical support and experience at the service of the customers

The experience gained over the years and the continuous training of EN4 staff, allow us to offer a tailor-made consulting service for each customer.

Our services

Test services for every need

To meet specific needs on some components, where the customer does not need to buya test bench, EN4 offers their testing services. In addition to the equipment, we also offer the support of our technicians, so as to provide continuous assistance during the testing phase..

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«Thanks to EN4’s expertise, we have been able to automate durability tests and implement highly customised measurement modes, saving time, personnel and obtaining precise values on product validation processes»

Ing. Paolo Cominetti
Responsabile Bonfiglioli Product Research Center

«Being able to count on the skills of EN4 has allowed us to reduce test times and improve the knowledge of our products»

Gianluca Mattogno
Mechanical Testing and Laboratory Manager

«Thanks to EN4’s skills, we have been able to significantly strengthen our testing capacity, improving product knowledge and significantly reducing time-to-market»

Ing. Andrea Meschini
Responsabile Testing e Validazione

«Being able to count on the skills of EN4 has allowed us to increase the efficiency and accuracy of our tests and improve the knowledge of our products. Absolutely recommended»

Ing. Lisa Zibordi
TBS, Airs, Fuel Rails & Sensing Actuating Device Testing Lab Leader

«We have just installed an EN4 system which will be used both for daily production checks and for product audits. In the experience with EN4 we appreciated the marked aptitude for managing customizations»

Ing. Luca Dell’Orto
Operation Manager

«Thanks to EN4’s running-in and testing systems we have strengthened the entire production system. Flexibility, customization, competence and attention to the customer are real strengths you can count on»

Manuel Camperchioli
Prototype, test and experience Manager

«The flexibility and competence of EN4 are well suited to the development needs of custom applications typical of research activities in the sustainable mobility sector»

Ing.Ottorino Veneri
Primo Ricercatore
Enter EN4's world


A test bench, for a company, is an important investment and the costs resulting from the purchase are amortized over long periods. It must also be considered that the world is constantly changing and keeping up with the times is not always easy. To give its customers the opportunity to use equipment that would otherwise be obsolete for years, EN4 provides an efficient REVAMPING service.

Thanks to our help it is possible to modernize:

electrical equipment
mechanical equipment
complete software of the counter with upgrade on customer request
meet the requirements of Industry 4.0


EN4 systems can be compliant with various technological investment facilitation, allowing its customers to have very important benefits.

Our services

Remote assistance

EN4 is able, through its remote assistance service, to better support its
customers in the use of their systems, both for maintenance interventions and
for assistance on new use of the machine, a very common requirement in such
dynamic sectors.

Our services

Software development

EN4 is NI's Silver Alliance partner and together with its certified staff is able to develop customized SW solutions for each customer.
Currently EN4 has the following certifications:

1 CLA, 2 CLD , 1 CLED, 1 CLAD

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    Typical EN4 customers produce mechatronic devices, which need to be improved and checked in their mechanical, electrical and electronic characteristics.

    EN4 supports the customer in developing the most innovative solutions and functions that today's market requires.