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We develop advanced testing systems offering solutions to the needs of companies that like us believe in innovation, a fundamental resource of today and tomorrow.

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Our certifications

EN4 has a Quality Management System certified
by RINA in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

EN4 has certified staff in project management, at the ISIPM.


EN4 è Silver Partner NI, con sviluppatori certificati.


"Over the last twenty years of collaboration, Marelli has found in EN4 a fundamental partner always ready to fully understand our needs, helping us during the product development phases through the supply and customization of the reliable and accurate test benches"

Andrea Bianchi
Testing Laboratories Manager Marelli

«Thanks to EN4’s expertise, we have been able to automate durability tests and implement highly customised measurement modes, saving time, personnel and obtaining precise values on product validation processes»

Ing. Paolo Cominetti
Responsabile Bonfiglioli Product Research Center

«Thanks to EN4’s skills, we have been able to significantly strengthen our testing capacity, improving product knowledge and significantly reducing time-to-market»

Ing. Andrea Meschini
Responsabile Testing e Validazione

«We have just installed an EN4 system which will be used both for daily production checks and for product audits. In the experience with EN4 we appreciated the marked aptitude for managing customizations»

Ing. Luca Dell’Orto
Operation Manager

«Thanks to EN4’s running-in and testing systems we have strengthened the entire production system. Flexibility, customization, competence and attention to the customer are real strengths you can count on»

Manuel Camperchioli
Prototype, test and experience Manager

«The flexibility and competence of EN4 are well suited to the development needs of custom applications typical of research activities in the sustainable mobility sector»

Ing.Ottorino Veneri
Primo Ricercatore

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Industrial Machinery & Automation